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June 20 Surf Day

Surfers are known for their unique slang, such as, for instance, “a young grommet out there getting a floater along the crest and almost getting caught inside.” These traditional beach bums have a love for the ocean and the sport itself, putting themselves in a highly dangerous situation to get that perfect wave. This closeness to the sea has inspired many and Surf Day is just one of the many holidays that promotes this connection to the waves and the protection of the sea itself.

History of Surf Day

Surf Day officially began in 2005 by Surfing Magazine, a magazine publication that ran from 1964 until 2017, and The Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping oceans clean and encouraging people to surf the waves.

It’s a holiday that encourages people to be aware of the environmental impact of their activities in the sea and promote the protection of the ocean by building a passion for surfing. This holiday initially became an idea through a group surf forum, Usenet newsgroup, back in 1993, and while the intent was there, the resources to made the idea happen just wasn’t there.

On this day, people go out and surf. They also host contests, barbeques, film screenings, and other activities that let people have fun while also educating people. Surfers who are passionate about their sport also give back by volunteering for beach cleanups, habitat restorations, and maintaining recreational areas to keep the environment healthy and people happy. Organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation ask for donations and create fundraisers to their cause and also host contests for unique prizes such as new surfboards and skateboards.

How to Celebrate Surf Day

If you want to participate in the lineup of surfers ready to take on the waves and help in their cause, then one thing you can do is go to the Surfrider Foundation and make a donation. Through their website, you can see if you can participate in local fundraisers and volunteer at a local environmental cleanup event near you.

You can also share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #surfday and let all your friends know how this holiday is important to you.

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