May -12 Odometer Day


Odometers are one of the meters that come standard when purchasing a new car. Keeping track of the wear put on your engine by tracking the distance you’ve traveled. How did this invention come to be? Why is it so important?

Odometer Day is all about celebrating the invention of the odometer and how it has helped the design and function of automobiles progress. Without odometers, how could we track the progress we made?


*History of Odometer Day*


The origin of the word odometer comes from the Greek words hodos meaning path or gateway and metron, meaning measure. In Ancient Greece, the distance was measured by bematists, people specially trained to measure the distances by counting steps. However, the first odometer was invented in the Han Dynasty in China.


The device was a road carriage with a drum, and with each time their measurement of distance was met, a drum was hit by a wooden figure. This device is considered to be highly advanced and helped influence the invention of the odometer.


As for the modern odometer, there have been multiple stories about when it first came to be. No matter how it happened they all contribute towards what we consider to be an essential part of people’s cars. In 1847, William Clayton, a Mormon pioneer, invented his “roadmometer” and attached it to his wagon while heading to Utah.


The idea helped build the odometer for the first automobiles invented during the early 1900s. This odometer was developed by Arthur P. and Charles H. Warner of Beloit, Wisconsin, and was patented as the “Auto-Meter”.


Since then, odometers have helped understand the lifespan of cars and gives vehicle owners the ability to pay attention to their car and do maintenance. Odometer Day was created to remind people of this fact, remind them to check their odometers and take better care of their cars.


*How to Celebrate Odometer Day*


Take a drive in your car and see where you end up. Get in the habit of tracking your miles and reset your odometer after each drive. By keeping track of your mileage, you’ll be able to better care for it and track how efficiently you’re using gas.



Share pictures of your travels and odometer on this day with your friends and family. Odometers are useful whether you’re driving around the corner to your local grocery store or on a long trip. Paying attention to the distances you’ve traveled will help you maintain your car and ensure its performing well.

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