A Golden opportunity for promoting your business offers


Your offers can be published in the number one website www.q-discounts.com and promote your business for free. This portal will help you reach maximum number of people and advertise your products. This website has the facility to share your contact details and location so that interested users can use ” Request a call back” option. Sellers will also get the interested customer information to contact them. This website show advertisement of business entities irrespective of place and type of business .It help the buyers to get products and services for the best price and sellers to get more customers.
This portal is being developed by an Indian software professional living in Kerala. Web portals like flipkart and Amazon sell products, whereas www.q-discounts.com publish best offers and discounts and bring buyers directly to sellers and thereby helping both buyers and seller. All services are free now and the company has plans to charge for featured advertisements, said Alby Joy T K, CEO. Our vision is to encourage and develop online promotions in India and to bring revenue, foreign money and to open job opportunities for the unemployed.
Anyone who sees an offer can inform the shop owner to contact www.q-discounts.com by sending a WhatsApp message to them on +91 94465 74559 or a message in their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/qdiscounts . This will help everyone to know about the offer and to avail it. This website will display the offer to all buyers in that country or nearby location. Buyers can go directly to the shop using the “Directions” option and by looking at the offer you like. Proximity marketing is the plan of the website..
Let us all benefit this movement by helping everyone with shopping. If you see an offer somewhere, you can send a message on the number above. So we can bring good offers to the notice of others.
Lets make all our friends and relatives to make use of this portal and support to make this project as much as possible a successful one. All of us share many things on WhatsApp and Facebook, let us share this post also and make it viral as it is a useful website for everyone.

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