January 01 Global Family Day



*What is Global Family Day?*

Usually on January 1st, people make New Year Resolutions such as quit smoking, stop telling lies, wake up early, quit drinking….etc. In the same way, to promote love and peace, Global Family Day came in to existence. Global Family Day is an annual observance which aims at promoting the idea that the Earth is one Global family and we should live in peace. We should love and care everyone as our own family member.

_’One Day of Peace and Sharing’ is the former name of this day._

*What is the History Behind Global Family Day (GFD)?*

In November 1997, the UN General Assembly made a declaration that the first year of the new millennium should see the launch of an International Decade for the Culture of Peace and non-violence for the Children of the World and that the decade should be ushered in by “One Day of Peace”.

In November 1999 a formal invitation to participate was sent to all UN member states. Although not universally adopted, this first “Day of Peace” was felt to be so significant. In 2001 the United Nations established this Observance as an annual event. People celebrate this day by sharing meals with the needy people. Many people donate to organizations that serve poor people.

*How to remember Global Family Day easily?*

For all of us, family is the most important thing in our life. Without family, we are nothing. Family is everything to us. If anyone asks you to tell two most important persons in the world, it would be your parents or siblings (Definitely from your family). In simple words, whatever it is, Family comes FIRST. So January 1st is GFD.

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